- Enter McAfee Activate 25 Digit code, Download, Install and Activate McAfee

McAfee is a one among the well known security companies in America which provides total shield of protection to users’ systems-PC or Mac, Smartphones or Tablets. Every products of McAfee might look similar but there features and functions are different from one another. All the McAfee products get activated through unique McAfee license keycode. McAfee ‘s products under McAfee banner which provides protection to its entire customers’ from PC to Smartphones are- VirusScan, SiteAdvisor, E-Business Server, Change Control, Anti-Malware Engine Core and many more.

If you’re impressed by now with McAfee products and wanted to utilize the features by using it for your devices then before going for purchasing, make sure you check on your device as provided in the tips-

  • Device should have sufficient data storage
  • An uninterrupted internet connection.
  • The device should be ready for downloading and installing.

Let’s find out, what is the meaning of McAfee Activate? Any products of McAfee after going through purchasing, downloading and installing in the system, needs to be activated properly. To activate the McAfee product with the system you’re using, you need McAfee license key code, which is written in the back of McAfee Retail Card .  Every products of McAfee might have the similar features but what makes them differ from one another through unique license key code.

Redemption of McAfee license keycode is done via online as well as offline mode. Through the online mode, McAfee license key code can be redeemed from the registered email id or from the phone’s text message. And for offline mode, McAfee retailer shop will provide you with a packet that will contain the McAfee license key code.

At the time of purchasing, through online mode- McAfee send unique license key code on the user’s registered email id or on their registered phone number as text message. During the process of downloading, McAfee asks for redeeming the license key code, to subscribe it for the chosen years.

While purchasing McAfee product from the retailer shop and looking for McAfee unique license key code. One simply needs to look either on the backside of CD or in a card, inside the McAfee product package. To utilize McAfee Products features for all the devices from PC to Smartphones or Tablets. To activate McAfee on your system, you need to purchase it, followed by downloading and installing and last activate.

For purchasing McAfee product via, follow the given steps carefully:

  • Go to
  • On the opening of the McAfee My Account page-
  • Choose Sign-in, if you’re already member of McAfee family
  • Choose Sign-up, if you wanted to become a new member of McAfee.
  • Select the McAfee product of your choice for your system, from the list of products shown in the page.
  • Choose the number of year(s) you wanted to subscribe it.
  • On the opening of McAfee payment page, choose your convenient payment method.
  • Congrats! You’re done with the purchasing.

For offline mode of purchasing McAfee product, follow the given steps carefully:

  • You need to visit your nearby McAfee retailer shop, to buy your McAfee product, as per your choice and convenience
  • The retailer shop will provide you with a packet that will contain the McAfee license key code which is needed to activate your McAfee product for your system.

If you face any issue, related to purchasing McAfee activate products via online as well as offline mode. Kindly contact McAfee Customer Service Number to get technical support from the experts.

To go through, download and installation process of McAfee product on your system, you need to follow the steps:

Please note- As mentioned above, the online purchaser needs to check registered email id or the text message in their registered phone. Offline purchaser on the other hand, needs to check either on the backside of your CD or in a card, inside the McAfee product package.

  • In the opening of McAfee My Account page, choose in between Sign-in and Sign-off, as per your convenience and fill up the details as asked.
  • Choose the type of your device, you’re using from the list of devices displayed on the page.
  • Choose your purchased McAfee product from the list of McAfee products as provided to choose.
  • Click on the download link below the McAfee product, to download it.
  • Wait for your system to get finish with downloading process.
  • Now look for the recent downloaded McAfee Activate file location by searching it in the search box.
  • The installation process of McAfee product will start immediately.
  • Read and accept the McAfee license terms and conditions
  • Click on the Agree option, to proceed next.
  •  Now just wait for the McAfee product installation to get done.

And to go for successful McAfee Activate product, you need to follow the below steps carefully:

  • Go to website.
  •  Select the installed McAfee Activate product.
  • Search for the Activate option from the menu list given over there.
  • Follow the above mentioned steps to redeem it.
  • Click on the Activate option, to activate it.
  • Congrats!! Your device is now protected.

Still facing issues related to McAfee activate products- purchasing, downloading and activation? Feel free to contact McAfee Toll-free Number to get technical support from the experts.