How to Clear the Android Wi-Fi Blacklist within McAfee Mobile Security?

Now-a-days, the users prefer to connect their Android Devices to Wi-Fi (public as well as private) to stay connected to the online world. When the users connect their device to open Wi-Fi, not being protected through password then, their device may get herm in several ways. Thus, McAfee Activate has included the feature of Wi-Fi security to its McAfee Mobile Security for protecting the users’ Android devices against the attacks caused while connected to the public Wi-Fi.

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To get the steps of McAfee activate for activating the McAfee Mobile Security on the users’ Android device, go to the support section on the link: By utilizing the Wi-Fi Security of the McAfee Activate, the users may get the warning if their device has been connected to the network, not being protected by the password. And thus, add that unprotected Wi-Fi to the Wi-Fi blacklist.

Apart from this, the users may also get the alert messages related to the attacks like Address Resolution Protocol spoofing, by which the malicious users may make an attempt to obtain the private or personal data of the Android users. All such risky Wi-Fi networks are kept within the Wi-Fi blacklist.

Steps to clear the Android Wi-Fi Blacklist of McAfee Mobile Security are as follows:

  1. Launch the interface of McAfee Mobile Security application on the Android device.
  2. And then, move to the “Web Security” panel.
  3. After this, tap the “Settings” icon and then, select the “Wi-Fi Security” option from the context menu.
  4. Here, move the slider of “Wi-Fi Security” towards left, to make it disabled.

(Important Note: If the users are not able to locate the “Wi-Fi Security” feature on their McAfee Activate application then, they may refer the contact us section of the link:

  1. Now, press the “Home Button” to go the home screen of the Android Device.
  2. After this, launch the “Settings” application of the device.
  3. Here, select the “Wi-Fi” option, by tapping on it.
  4. And then, remove the entire added Wi-Fi network.
  5. Now, add the Wi-Fi network again, and enter the password, when prompted.

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