How to Make Your PC Compatible to McAfee Antivirus?

Sometimes, we face compatibility issues while installing new software whether it is antivirus, music player, video player, and games etc. Before downloading any new program make sure you have the essential components that meet the requirements.

mcafee antivirus

So if you are trying to install McAfee antivirus but unsuccessful every time, these are the points in order to make your PC compatible to install any of McAfee activate software:

Point 1:  Check your PC is up-to date

  1. Click the Start Button
  2. Type Windows update and press enter
  3. Now, hit Check for Updates
  4. Follow the instructions.

Point 2:  First download and then run the McAfee Pre-Install tool

This action prepares your computer for the installation of McAfee software

  1. Install the Pre-Install Tool
  2. Now double click on the downloaded Pre-Install Tool setup, follow the instructions
  3. Go through the warning messages and accept it by clicking it OK
  4. When Pre-Install tool installation is finished
    • Hit OK
    • Hit Close
    • Restart your PC

 Point 3:  Remove the existing antivirus (including older McAfee)

 Point 4:  Use the McAfee Consumer Product Removal (MCPR)

Note: You have to run MCPR in order to delete old files. In case, you downloaded any McAfee product in the past

Necessary tips:

  • Make sure you download a copy of MCPR before each use
  • It will successfully identify the new McAfee products and it will also make sure that you have latest McAfee product version
  • MCPR does not remove 100% components, but only those components that are required for reinstallation
  • Restart your computer after performing all the steps

Before restarting the computer

  1. Save all the running files
  2. Close all the running files
  • Download the MCPR tool
  • Now double click the downloaded setup
  • If security warning appears click Yes or Continue or Run as it varies the version of your Windows
  • In McAfee Software Removal screen
    1. Hit Next
    2. Hit Agree
  • In Security Validation screen
  • Fill the letters as exactly as appeared on your computer screen
    1. Letters should be case-sensitive
    2. Hit Next
  • After finishing the process you will see any of one
    1. Removal Complete
    2. Cleanup unsuccessful

After performing all the given steps, your computer is ready to install McAfee products.

For more information on how to make your computer compatible or want to download McAfee using this link, you can call the customer care number.

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