Which McAfee antivirus is best for the web security?

According to the current scenario, the digital world is facing a number of challenges in terms of providing the adequate protection to the internet users. A potential reason behind it could be the rapid increase in the number of the web hobbyist. McAfee, the worldwide renowned cybersecurity provider completely understands this situation, hence, brings out a wide assortment of the security software and antivirus to cope with the threats and the challenges of the internet market.

The Santa Clara based brand offers specialized security solutions for the protection of Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android devices. It has also invented a shield to ensure the web security of your devices. With McAfee web security (downloaded using McAfee.com/Activate), you can ensure secure web connectivity as well as protection from malware intrusions and the data loss.

mcafee activate

The dedicated program runs on a secure web gateway technology to protect the devices from the existing as well as upcoming threats. Other exceptional or out-of-the-box features of this program are:

  • Regular Content Inspection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • SSL Inspection
  • Broad Integration
  • Web Filtering
  • Zero-day anti-malware

In short, the popular security program deploys the all-inclusive web security solution accessible on-premises, as a cloud service, or a hybrid of both. It has been categorized further to suit the different security needs of the customers. Check them out here:

McAfee Web Protection

By merging the advanced web security, deployment flexibility, and controls, it delivers the complete control of an onsite web security solution, the effortlessness of managing secure cloud, and a mix of the two. McAfee Web Protection that can be downloaded from mcafee.com/activate provides what suits the best to your security requirements.

McAfee Web Gateway

It ensures total protection of the cloud and the device against zero-day threats, phishing scams, and the spyware. By combining the latest security with granular controls, it helps you bring out the best for your business.

McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service

It eradicates the restrictions of on-network web security by making the users connect to any device or location straight to the internet network via the cloud service. It maintains the complete web protection anywhere anytime.

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