4 Reasons why you need McAfee battery optimizer & cleaner

With the non-linear increase in the number of users switching from old mobile devices to Smartphone, the risk has also raised up. Indeed, the transformation in technology is proved a boon, yet there are two sides of anything. Apart from leveraging attributes such as booking tickets, picking up best deals, maintaining the financial data and others, users may get trapped by hackers.


While accessing any app on your android phone, users are often asked to provide their personal details. These details can further use for selling or ill- purposes. There are several factors that An Android user should pay attention to. The initial measure is having an activated antivirus. If you are looking for the best security software to secure your data, you must go for a trusted and well-established brand. McAfee, multinational computer security software is one of the highly rated programs to offer you top-notch security services. The organization has already developed security apps compatible with Android phones.

If you are among those who have battery problems, speed, and other issues, make sure you install McAfee battery optimizer and cleaner on your phone. Once you install and Activate McAfee on your Android or iOS device, the app will eliminate many of the issues.

Users with the access of McAfee activate may take the advantage of these essential components.

  1. INSTANT BOOST: If your mobile device is making you deal with its slow performance and response rate, McAfee battery optimizer will help you boot performance instantly. This will free up the memory space occupied by the apps that are not in use.
  1. BATTERY SAVER: Perk up your Android’s battery with the McAfee activate. This feature restricts the power consumption of apps and keeps the temperature maintained.
  1. STORAGE CLEANER: Once you permit the app to perform certain actions, it will automatically detect and delete duplicate media, junk files, WhatsApp media and unwanted apps to recover space.
  1. JUNK FILES: Clean up temporary app files like browser cache, WhatsApp cached files, ad files, and.apk installation files and others to free up extra space with the cache cleaner. The app also suggests you the list of the unwanted or unsecured app to uninstall them.

The list of feature is longer but to avail all of them, it is mandatory to have McAfee subscription. To become a registered user, visit mcafee.com/activate, create an account, purchase a McAfee product, and your device will stay protected.

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