October 2, 2018

McAfee MIS Retailcard – McAfee Internet Security Installation – mcafee.com/mis/retailcard

Activate mcafee mis retailcard by visiting the link mcafee.com/activate. Get complete procedure to download, install and activate your mcafee interner security retailcard.

McAfee security offers you high-end assets to protect the data from up-and-coming cybercrimes, threats, malwares, and other sources. Since the technology has become an integrated part of today’s generation, people do not like to be without their phones or laptops. Unfortunately, these are the key sources from where, the hacker can breach into your private data such as, media files, account detail and others.

If you want to keep yourself away from such risks, you can opt to have intelligent threat protection software by McAfee MIS. Right from the moment you turn on the security features, you get ultimate security layers that encrypts the stored data and do not let the cyber crooks access any of them. Users, who are concerned to lose their precious data, can purchase a subscription, download, & install the software on their phones and computers.

Purchase McAfee Internet security via McAfee.com/Activate

Go to official McAfee page and create an account. Go to the product section and search for your product, once you determine the software you want to purchase, proceed to buy McAfee.  Before you go any further, choose a plane whether monthly or annually package. Complete the billing and you will receive a confirmation email on the registered email address containing McAfee activation key.

On the other hand, you can purchase McAfee retail card for an authorized retail store. After you redeem the key, you can proceed to download and install the software.

Get started with McAfee internet security

Steps to download & install McAfee Activate:

  1. Go to com/activate and enter your McAfee license keycode in its respective field and submit
  2. On the next page, you need to go to your McAfee account. Sign in/ Sign up accordingly
  3. The product associated with the product key you entered will appear, click ‘Download your software’ to get it
  4. Open the downloaded file and proceed to installation
  5. Launch McAfee installation process and follow the on-screen instructions
  6. Enter the activation code and complete the installation

The process might take a more time than expected. Do not shut down the system or suspend the progress, else, it will create McAfee installation errors. As soon as you get the software, launch to scan the device.

In case you have pre-installed McAfee antivirus, skip the above process and check for it subscription details. Go to mcafee.com/activate and from your profile, determine if the product has expired or not. In case you are being asked to renew the software, find the given instructions.

How to renew McAfee internet security?

  1. From mcafee.com/activate, go to your McAfee account
  2. Log in to McAfee my Account
  3. Click ‘Subscriptions’
  4. Check settings to see expired subscription, you can also click ‘All expired’
  5. From My Account page, click subscriptions
  6. From the record, click the subscription you want to renew
  7. Click Renew and proceed with the renewal instructions

The software is now renewed and you can run pc scan. In case you fail to get McAfee activate, the software will not be able to deliver any protection services. It is mandatory to have activated antivirus software. To get help for McAfee activate, visit official site or connect to support services.