September 25, 2018

McAfee MTP Retailcard – |

McAfee MTP Retailcard – To Install and Activate McAfee Total Protection you always require a 25 digit keycode. So activate product online or call or live chat with Experts.

Start protecting your data and device against the high risks of cyber crime and other activities. Take a step ahead by installing McAfee security software on your device whether it is Windows computer, Macintosh device, or android phones. If you want to attempt with free McAfee trial before getting a subscription, you can easily download and install it on multiple devices.

To know how to install free version of McAfee on different OS like android, PC, and Mac, go through the procedure below and begin to protect your stored data and device.

Get a McAfee MTP Retailcard free trial on your devices

Windows-based computer: 

  1. Go to the official page of McAfee antivirus
  2. On the right section, click on ‘For consumer’ option, you can also choose ‘For business’ option as per your need
  3. When directed to the next page, you will have top menu with several options
  4. Click ‘Free Trial’
  5. You will have a product with 30 days free trial, click Free Trial
  6. The software will start to download automatically
  7. Launch the downloaded file and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation

While you use McAfee free trial version, you do not require registering on McAfee account. As you exceed the period, you will need to create an account on to purchase a product subscription. If you have a Mac laptop or device, follow the procedure below.

On your Mac: 

  1. Go to the Official McAfee page and at the right corner, click on your choice i.e., For consumer or For Business
  2. On the next page, click Free trial and proceed
  3. Click on the ‘Free download’ button
  4. On the file is downloaded, open the file to begin with the installation process
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation

The software is now downloaded, next you need to do is to scan your system. Now, if you want to secure you iOS or Android phones, follow the successive steps.

iOS phone: 

  1. Start the Apple App Store
  2. Search for McAfee Mobile Security
  3. As the list appears, tap on the option to get started
  4. When the app appears, check for the device specifications and tap ‘Install’ button
  5. A license agreement pop up will display, mark agree to continue with the download
  6. The app will now automatically download and install

Once the app is installed, you will receive a notification. To get started with app services, create an account if asked and run the scan task.

For android users, follow the instructions to start with free McAfee trial

Android phone: 

  1. Launch Google Play store
  2. Search for McAfee mobile security
  3. As the list appears, tap on the option to proceed
  4. Check for device requirements and continue to install if the device is compatible
  5. Tap install and a license agreement pop up will appear
  6. Mark on the check box as your agreement to begin with the installation

After the app is installed, tap on the icon and launch it. If required, sign in/ sign up and perform scanning of your device.

If you have exceeded the trial period, you need to purchase a subscribed version by visiting on Users, who have purchased McAfee total protection retail, only need to enter the key code in the field and submit it.