Netskope IDs New Google Cloud Attack, McAfee Finds Ransomware

NetSkope and McAfee, the leaders in cloud security, identified this week, a potentially dangerous cyber threat on enterprises cloud app usage and trends. Netskope threat researchers revealed they have detected a .pdf-based malware cyber attack carried out by unknown sources against at least 42 targets, focused mainly on the Government, banking and finance sectors. The cyber attacks, which leverage Google Cloud’s App Engine, have carried in a .pdf email attachment. The emails are camouflaged with genuine-looking content, and the malware is carried by ‘real’ sources. McAfee activate is a leading cloud security solution to protect our sensitive documents from ransomware attacks.

Netskope IDs New Google Cloud Attack, McAfee Finds Ransomware

This new ransomware appeared in the form of pdf file that is targeting organizations cloud services. Once the file is saved in your computer, the malware can spread beyond the targeted victim. Netskope said it recognized the infected file and prevented this secondary “fan-out” effect. The attack has been seen in the wild and currently is live, said by the Netskope threat researcher Ashwin Vamshi.

Another key aspect is that malwares have been around for decades, and with every new technology, the threats are becoming increasingly difficult to hunt down. They have evolved from early viruses shared using floppy disks to the broad spectrum of malware. Rapidly, multiplied and concreted its feet across a variety of channels comprising malicious websites and cloud services. As the technology rapidly grows, more and more organizations employ cloud services to strengthen collaboration between clients and workers. Since the arrival of Open-source cloud network, the concept has drawn the attention of cybercriminals seeking loopholes and apertures to deliver malware threats and amplify its effects.

Cloud networks are getting increasingly vulnerable and attackers are getting smarter at tricking users to click malicious links. They use deceitful contents disguised in a way only an expert threat researcher can identify, Vamshi told SDxCentral.

The researchers also highlighted the fact that identifying the differences between authentic and malicious content is becoming increasing laborious and challenging. This is even more difficult for experts.

McAfee reveals alarming facts about the potential of cyber attacks

McAfee security, in association with Netskope. Also revealed that the newly detected ransomware threat named ‘Anatova’, was mentioned on a ransom note, the threat is live and recognized in 10 countries including Sweden, the Netherlands and the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium.

The ransomware found in a peer-to-peer network and because of its modular breed, this new threat is exhaustively challenging. A modular Ransomware indicates the technological potential of attackers who can now insert new features to expand their reach, Meek Wrote. For example, the ransomware can change its behavior while spreading throughout the network.

Netskope IDs New Google Cloud Attack, McAfee Finds Ransomware

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